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GHS MSDS Information
The (Material) Safety Data sheet

The term MSDS will change to SDS as per GHS and it plays a prominent role in the hazard communication according to the GHS. The GHS MSDS or SDS follows the a 16 section format with hazard information, including the labelling information, to be shown in section 2 (Hazard identification). Within the EU the requirement is to include both the old EU and the GHS classifications during a transition period that expires June 1, 2015. The US MSDS will show the GHS classification in section 15. APAC SDS’ will follow the local GHS rules, which require minor changes in various sections.

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The Global Harmonized System (GHS) MSDS and the GHS MSDS authoring software was developed solely for the purpose of the protection of human life and the preservation against toxic materials that could cause irreplaceable damage to the flora and fauna. It is very specialized in that the system catalogues and labels all types of chemical substances thus providing pertinent data to the countries that presently do not have their own MSDS system. The development of simple labels did away with confusing ones that caused more misinterpretation and mistakes in the handling of hazardous chemicals. With the GHS MSDS, there is no need for further testing and retesting of the various chemicals that are under its domain, thus shipment is easy and speedily shipped to those countries which have a need for them, traceable and easily identifiable.

What should one look for in a GHS MSDS authoring software?
The development of GHS MSDS authoring software was highly anticipated by the target users. The use of GHS MSDS authoring software is relevant to today’s needs simply because doing it on your own is not recommended. It would be best to browse online and find what the best options on GHS MSDS authoring software are available in the market today.
In writing a GHS Safety Data Sheet (SDS) one must bear in mind that the key to its logic is ‘simplicity’. ‘Not applicable’ or ‘not relevant’ catch phrases can be easily confused or misinterpreted by some readers. DANGER or WARNING signal words should be used instead. Leaving out of information as blank spaces where the health section is located is not allowed. It has to be clearly specified as ‘no information available’. This problem should be eliminated by the GHS MSDS authoring software that should have all the information necessary to make life easier for the user. It is also recommended that all the data is in accordance to the standards of the GHS. It is not advisable, as well as dangerous, that outdated and non-conforming data be allowed to slip by. Precautions should be legible and easy to understand and is to be used with vigilance so as not to mislead or confuse the user or reader of the GHS SDS authoring software and should include the following:
·         Precautionary Measures
·         Preventive Measures
·         Response Time Allowable
·         Storage and Disposal
Information provided in the GHS MSDS authoring software should contain the least SDS is but should still conform to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Hazard regulations:
·         Identification of chemical
·          Identification of hazardous substance (i.e. explosives, flammable liquids and solids, corrosive metals, etc.)
·         Information and composition of ingredients used
·         Protocols on first aid
·         Methods to use in case of fire
·         Accidental release protocols
·         Handling and storage
·         Pre- and post exposure protection and first aid
·         Physical and chemical properties of substances
·         Stability and reactivity
·         Toxicology
·         Ecological impact
·         Waste disposal
·         Transport
·         Regulation
·         Others
The GHS MSDS authoring software should offer services that will enable the company to create, manage, deliver and track MSDS for products. It should have an option to translate the data into the language of choice of both the user and the clients. It should include regulations that are recognized by and applicable to the formats of the European Union, Canada, North America, and Mexico. Look for GHS MSDS authoring software that is user-friendly.
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