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MSDS Management Software

MSDS Management Software - What to look for

Convenient access to MSDSs is not just about compliance or employee safety. It can also be a powerful tool for product compliance assessments. MSDS management software can help manage the multitude of MSDSs, and is a better alternative to traditional file sharing systems.

Let’s clarify what we mean by MSDS management software. There are three types of MSDSs that MSDS management software is used for: MSDSs of raw materials that you purchase (e.g. solvent to include in your paint), MSDSs of products that you use as part of your production process (e.g. grease or oil for your machines or tools), and MSDSs of your own finished products. A good MSDS management software will distinguish between these three types of MSDSs, because there are business processes that are specific to each. For example, you want to be able to assign the MSDSs of products used as part of a production process to specific plants or locations where that production process takes place. Here are a few other things to look for when evaluating MSDS management software:

  • MSDS acquisition service. Many vendors, in addition to offering the platform to help you manage the MSDSs, may also offer a service to get MSDSs from your suppliers on your behalf. This ensures that you always have the latest version of the MSDSs in the system. The important thing here is to determine whether you want your MSDS management software to also come with this type of service, or if you only want the software.
  • Access to MSDS data for searching and reporting. The value of the MSDS is not just the document itself and the way it can contribute to employee safety. It is also about the data that it contains, allowing you to use MSDSs for product compliance assessments. The MSDS management software should allow a flexible and thorough full text search on all MSDSs to easily locate and view MSDSs. In addition the MSDS management software should enable the generation of reports in a user-friendly way with just a few clicks. This can become a powerful compliance tool. For example, a report can be generated on all purchased raw materials that have a substance that has just been added to a specified regulatory list, or a report can be generated on all raw materials that are classified for a specific hazard category.
  • Archiving. Not only do you want the latest versions of MSDSs in your MSDS management software, but you may be required by law or by your company’s legal department to have access to previous versions of MSDSs going back many years. A good MSDS management software will allow you to have a historical record of your MSDSs.

There are other elements to take into account, such as ease-of-use, costs, deployment model, and installation complexity. But the items mentioned above will help you narrow down the list of MSDS management software that you are considering.

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