Mobile Data Collector by SDSpro
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Business Type: Software
Industry Type: SDS & Chemical Management
Market Focus: Global
Year Founded: 1995
Employees: 50-100
Mobile Data Collector
by SDSpro
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The SDSpro Mobile Data Collector (MDC) is a lightweight portable inventory capture device. Use the MDC to move throughout your facility and quickly capture and record chemical names, manufacturer information, physical locations, barcode IDs, container sizes and quantities.
Detailed Description

The Requirement:

A current chemical inventory is the foundation of an employer's compliance with its Hazardous Communication program and Right-to-Know requirements.

The Need:

  • Identify all hazardous chemicals currently onsite
  • Conduct a physical chemical inventory by location
  • Identify those chemicals eligible for disposal
  • Locate unauthorized chemicals throughout the facility
  • Ensure SDSs are available for all identified chemicals

The Challenge:

Capturing and maintaining your company's current chemical inventory is a challenge. The Hazardous Communications Standard requires the employer to identify the physical locations of all hazardous chemical products used throughout its facility.

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